Where to go for help?

Health Care Resources

Physical Health and Sickness 

Student Health Services (SHS) is located on the second floor D208 (on your way to Tatum). SHS provides general care and first aid to students who need treatment for minor illnesses and conferences on health problems. For all other health care needs, students are referred to local hospitals or emergent care centers. 

Hours of Operation:

Monday–Friday: TBD

Located one-half mile from campus, the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital operates a 24-hour emergency room. The emergency telephone number is (661) 253-8000.

The following urgent cares are located within two miles of the CalArts campus:

SCV Quality Care
Phone: (661) 254-0026
Hours: M-F, 8 am-7 pm and Sat.-Sun. 9 am-1 pm
Insurance: PPO/PCP/HMO/Lakeside-Regal-Sierra

EXER Urgent Care
Phone: (661) 556-9020
Hours: M-Sun 9 am-9 pm
Insurance: PPO-All, HMO-Facey, UCLA, Healthcare Partners, Providence, St. Johns and Axminster

Henry Mayo Urgent Care
Phone: (661) 200-2500
Hours: 10 am-10 pm
Insurance: PPO-BCBS, United Health Care, Sigma and HMO- Regal, Lakeside, Facey and Aetna

Mental Health

The Wellness Center, located in F201H, has two licensed mental health providers available by appointment Mon.-Fri. between 9 am-5 pm. There are two 30-minute drop in sessions available M-F between 12-1 pm. While remote, these drop in sessions can be accessed by calling the Wellness Center at (661) 388-5306. After 5pm, and on weekends, licensed mental health counselors can be reached via phone at (855) 364-7981. All counseling options are provided to students at no charge.

Disability and Accommodations Services 

Disability and Accommodations Services provides a wide range of assistance to enrolled students with physical, cognitive, mental health or other disabilities (medical diagnosis). Students who register with our office do not have to identify with being disabled. Connect with the Disability Services Office for questions through email at dso@calarts.edu.

Academic Assistance

Academic Advisors 

Academic Advisors complement the guidance students receive from their mentor; in a collaborative partnership, advisors can help students’ focus their academic, personal and career goals while working toward fulfilling the requirements of their degree. CalArts recommends that students seek out academic advising at least twice a semester to make sure that they remain on a viable educational track.  

Academic advising appointments available 10 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday during the school year.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the Library, is a place where students can meet one-on-one with trained writing tutors to work on any writing-related task they face—from academic papers to artist statements, grant applications to resumes. Students can schedule 1-hour appointments in advance or drop in for 30-minute sessions on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Faculty mentors can also assist in advising academic and artistic endeavors.

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to students to help them navigate the cost of college. Financial Aid can assist students with understanding your financial award, applying for aid, appealing for financial aid, FAFSA and financial literacy. 

Student Emergency Funds 

Student Emergency Funds are located in a few offices across campus. When funds are available, you may borrow up to $200 from the Accounting Office for emergency situations. This loan carries no interest charge and is to be used only to meet unforeseen financial emergencies. The Student Experience Office also provides up to $200 in grant funds for emergency situations.

Additional On-Campus Resources

Campus Safety

Campus Safety located in E100 assists and educates community members on how to take measures to ensure their personal safety. Campus Safety provides a full range of services to the CalArts community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round. 

Food Pantry

Student Union and Student Experience jointly operate the Basic Needs Center and have food and other basic necessities offered to students who are in need. Swing by the Basic Needs Center in D216 to grab some eats or donate. 


Need help navigating the institute? Not sure where to go? Our student affairs professionals are here to listen, support and help students navigate their best path to success. They respect, do not judge and will serve as spokesperson if needed. They are the liaison between student and challenge, and will inform, advise and accompany students in their role of advocate. Reach out to studentexperience@calarts.edu for any questions or needs.