Over the course of the academic year, CalArts representatives attend a number of public events to introduce you to all CalArts has to offer. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, discuss your work and start a dialogue. Explore what events are available near you, and learn about on-campus tours and information sessions.

Visit Registration Policy

Per CalArts policy, pre-registration is required for campus tours or visits. Please refrain from making travel arrangements until after registering or scheduling your meeting, as same-day tours or appointments cannot be guaranteed. Currently, we do not offer self-guided tours. Campus tour slots fill up quickly, especially on Mondays and Fridays, as well as during peak times. It's advisable to delay finalizing travel plans until you've received a confirmation email after registering. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate adding individuals on full tours due to prior travel arrangements. If you're on the waitlist for a specific tour date and space becomes available, you'll receive an email notification indicating that you've been taken off the waitlist and registered for the tour. Please refrain from visiting the campus unless you've received this email confirmation. For meetings with specific members of the Admissions team, kindly schedule in advance. If you have questions, please email admissions@calarts.edu.