CalArts provides students with counseling services at no cost throughout the school year. 

Our counselors have experience and skills ideally suited for CalArts students. See counselors below: 

  • Melissa Shepherd-Williams, LMFT
  • Susan B. Perry, MA, LMFT
  • Lily Rodriguez, LMFT

Registered students are allowed 12 individual counseling sessions per school year. This format is meant for short term needs. If you seek long term on-going therapy, please contact your Member Benefits on the back of your insurance card. If you have the CalArts Student Health Insurance Plan through United Health Care, please email for assistance navigating your health insurance and benefits.

The counseling staff can also provide workshops and information on a wide variety of issues, and are available to help coordinate student self-help groups. In addition, they can make referrals to outside professionals and agencies when appropriate, such as when longer-term therapy is indicated.

Therapy sessions for Fall 2023 will be provided in person or by tele-health format, based on your preference. This can be through Zoom Health or by telephone.

To schedule an appointment, students will need to fill out this form. A therapist will get back to you as soon as possible to coordinate an appointment.

Student Appointment Form 

There are two 30-minute drop in sessions available M-F between 12-1 pm. Due to safety concerns and protocols, students can access these sessions by calling 661-388-5306. These are one time sessions for evaluation purposes only, or emergency crisis intervention, and not to be utilized or repeated in place of regularly scheduled appointments.

CalArts also has a 24/7 crisis counseling line dedicated to CalArts students only. This is free and can be called from anywhere in the U.S. at 855-364-7981.

Academic Student Assistance Program (ASAP)

The Academic Student Assistance Program provides telehealth and online resources for CalArts students to navigate their wellness needs and receive support in areas including physical and mental wellness.

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