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CalArts is committed to a diverse and equitable environment in the workplace, within the classrooms, studios, and beyond.

Issues of access, equity, and inclusion are indispensable to the vitality of CalArts, where the community constantly strives to deepen intercultural awareness and provide robust support mechanisms for students from increasingly varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Students, faculty, and staff with concerns regarding issues of equity, access and inclusion at CalArts should address these issues with CalArts' Institute Diversity Officer (IDO), Title VI Officer, and IDEA Director Eva Graham EdD.

Reporting Diversity Issues or Concerns*

Institute Diversity is a function of the Office of the President. The Institute Diversity Officer is responsible for institutional issues of access, equity and inclusion. While individual schools and programs may have academic diversity, equity, and inclusion committees, the IDO serves as the Institute representative.

  • If you or someone you know has an access, equity, and inclusion concern that is not curricular in nature, please email the IDO directly.
  • If you have a past concern that has not been resolved to your satisfaction or persists, please contact the IDO.

The following email address is a direct and private account accessible to the Diversity Office only:

* Please note: The Institute can only address issues we are made aware of. We encourage all to report issues and concerns.