Name Email Phone Room
-- Advancement
Central Office
661-253-7827 F301
Henderson Blumer
Associate Director of Engagement Programming 661-222-2742 F301
Brittany Buchanan
Associate Director for Institutional Giving F301
Rachael Caselli
Associate Director of Events 661-222-2723 F301
Mackenzie Caulfield
Laura Creed
Senior Director of Development, Principal Gifts
Schools of Critical Studies and Art 661-253-7718 F301
Justin Gerboc
Executive Director of Engagement and Events F301
Lucy Griffin
Associate Director for Strategic Operations 661-255-1050 F301
Derrick Harris
Senior Director of Institutional Giving 661-554-0880 F301
Karolyn Heimes
Director of Alumnx & Family Engagement 661-222-2752 F301
Elise Herrera-Green
Executive Director, Stewardship Communications 661-253-7752 F301
Wendy Johnson
Executive Director, Advancement Services F301
Natasha Jokic
Associate Director, Donor Stewardship 661-253-7782 F301
Alan Maldonado Morales
Development Associate, Institutional Giving
Shelby McNabb
Director of Development, Student Experience 661-554-0807 F301
Andrea Nunez-Gamboa
Development Associate for Major Gifts
Susan Reza
Associate Director, Advancement Marketing & Communications 661-554-2580 F301
Clarissa Rice
Associate Director, Database Administration F301
Dakota Schwab
Advancement Services Associate F301
Cindy Villasenor
Director of Development, Major Gifts 661-253-7728 F301
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty