The Alumnx Council works together with the Institute through the Office of Alumnx and Family Engagement to provide initiatives and resources that support alumnx.

Council leaders include a Chair and the Alumnx Representative to the Board of Trustees.  Each council member has generously offered their time as volunteers to make a difference for fellow graduates and reinforce the CalArts community.

Council Members

Representative to the Board of Trustees: Meg Cranston (Art MFA ’86; Chair of Fine Arts, Otis College of Art and Design). Liaison to the Board for broad strategy at the Institute that impacts students and alumnx 

Recent Graduates Leader: Clarissa Crawford (Theater MFA ’15; Theater Producer). Initiatives that specifically address and support the needs of recent grads, especially those from the last five years

Campus in the Community Leader: John D'Amico (Critical Studies MA ’09, also Theater undergraduate; Former Mayor of West Hollywood and City Councilperson). Strengthen the Institute's presence and relationship with the communities of Santa Clarita and Los Angeles

Bridges Leader: Alexi Gehring (Photography & Film/Video BFA '00, Film/Video MFA '03; Fine Arts Photographer and Experimental Video Artist). Creating bridges back to the Institute through giving, on-campus, involvement, and support offered to alumnx out in the world

Chouinard Leader (retired): Larry LeGras (Chouinard BFA ’60; Fashion and Costume Designer). Boosting community, connection and engagement for Chouinard alumni via CalArts, including keeping the legacy vibrant for today's students

Pathways Leader: Kali Nikitas (Art MFA ’90; Graphic Designer, Chair of Otis’ Communication Arts Department & MFA Graphic Design Program, Arts Commissioner at Large for the City of Inglewood). Building support for alumnx entering and leaving CalArts, into lives and careers that may be non-traditional 

Chair: John Schwerbel (Music BFA ’14, Artistic Planning Coordinator for the LA Philharmonic). Leadership of Council activities and initiatives