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In an on-campus job you get the opportunity to put your knowledge to use, gain practical skills, and get relevant employment experience by participating in a variety of different positions. Connect your education and build your skill set! A student worker opportunity can provide you with an amazing chance to explore your professional interests and gain crucial skills to help you stand out as an applicant for future employment. Use this as a time to take a chance to start figuring out what you want to do and practice the skills necessary to succeed in a professional setting! The Student Employment Office is here to help explain the hiring process for students, staff, and faculty as well as guide or support them throughout their employment at CalArts.

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Student Payroll Questions?

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International & Foreign Born Students:

Students studying at CalArts from other countries are eligible to work on campus with a maximum of 20 hours per week. All International Students must remain in F-1 or J-1 Visa Status throughout their campus employment and have applied for a social security card prior to their first day of employment.

  • International students must apply for an on-campus job first and then once hired they will begin the process to obtain a social security card if not already obtained. International Students are not allowed to begin working and the Payroll office will not be able to offer payments to students until the social security card is received and your position is processed.
  • Make sure your hiring paperwork is completed and processed by the Student Employment office before you begin working. This approval will come in a form of email. Both you and your supervisor will receive a completion confirmation email to show you completed what was required. For more information, please visit the International Student Support Website.

Looking for more information on obtaining a social security card? This Instruction Sheet will walk you through the social security application process.

Why Should I Work at Cal Arts?     

There are many benefits to why you should participate in an on-campus job

  • Local, Flexible and Involving: Being able to work on campus allows for students to save time and money because they are working at the institute. It also allows for a little more flexibility with your schedule because supervisors understand you have a lot to work on. Lastly working on campus gives students a sense of belonging and allows them to support the institution in a positive way
  • Employment Experience: Participating in on-campus employment opportunities provides you with the chance to gain hands on working skills and experience which will help you strengthen you knowledge and stand out among other job seekers. Learning professional etiquette, practicing new skills, and working with a team are all important areas to gain experience in for a future professional career.
  • Networking/References/Letters of Recommendation: While working at CalArts it gives you an opportunity to develop professional relationships with staff and faculty members which can help with building connections for your future. Additionally your on-campus supervisor can be someone you can reach out to in order to receive a letter of recommendation or to use as a reference for your next employment opportunity  
  • Additional Income: Working in an on-campus job provides additional income for students to pay for other expenses not related to cost of attendance or tuition.

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