Access CalArts’ Coursera courses online and earn non-credit certificates for free
CalArts students, alumnx, faculty, and staff are invited to join thousands of other learners around the globe learning together on Coursera—for free. CalArts-sponsored courses on Coursera are offered through CalArts’ Open Learning initiative.

To sign up for CalArts sponsored courses on Coursera, you must register for an account using your or email address.

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Coursera All-Access gives CalArts students, alumnx, staff, and faculty free access to CalArts’ own non-credit courses and Specializations developed by CalArts faculty on Coursera in addition thousands of other courses, Specializations, and guided projects offered by some of Coursera's other university partners. Courses are available on-demand. You can learn new skills and explore a new subject area, while earning a Coursera certificate to share on LinkedIn or your resume—for free.

Sign Up for Coursera All-Access

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click on the "Sign Up for Coursera for CalArts" button (or alternately, the "Sign Up for Coursera All-Access" button).
  2. On the next screen, click the "Join for Free" button located under the page title.
  3. A login window will pop up. If you have already created a Coursera account with your or email address, enter your credentials here. Otherwise, click "Sign Up", enter your name, CalArts email address, and a password, and click "Join for Free".
  4. Click the button to accept the terms.

If you are setting up a new account, you may need to confirm your email address. Check your email inbox for an email from Coursera and follow the instructions.

Coursera is an educational technology company based in Mountain View, California, that offers online learning opportunities to millions of learners around the globe. CalArts has been a Coursera partner since 2015 and offers 22 of our courses on Coursera as part of our Open Learning initiative.

Coursera courses are non-credit offerings and do not provide professional or academic credits. If you successfully complete a course you may receive a course certificate—more about Coursera certificates here

Coursera for CalArts gives CalArts students, alumnx, faculty, and staff free access to Coursera courses that you would have to pay for if you accessed the course through the main Coursera website. The course experience is the same. While most courses offered through the main Coursera website have a free audit option, learners who audit a course will not be able to earn a Coursera certificate and cannot complete assignments. 

Coursera for CalArts and Coursera All-Access are essentially two different learning programs—different curated collections of courses. Since Coursera All-Access is available to the CalArts community for a limited time, those offerings needed to be placed in a separate program. Once you have created your account on Coursera using your or address and signed up for both programs, you need only click the CalArts icon in the upper left corner of your dashboard to switch between programs. 

Refer to the instructions provided by CalArts IT to request an alumni email account

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