Overview of the Office of Community Rights and Responsibilities

California Institute of the Arts is dedicated to sustaining an inclusive, secure and transparent academic environment where artists grow into their potential in the pursuit of knowledge. Accountability, integrity, respect and trust throughout the community are cornerstones of CalArts culture.

The Office of Community Rights and Responsibilities maintains and strengthens this environment by upholding community standards and by equipping and empowering community members to join in this work. Further, the Office supports the CalArts educational mission by administering the Institute’s Student Code of Conduct in a way that teaches and enlightens students, holds them accountable for violations and helps them grow as responsible, community-minded people of integrity.

In keeping with the CalArts commitment to an open and safe community, the Office puts top priority on safety, fairness and trauma-informed practices; on resources for parties affected by misconduct; and on an impartial review process for allegations of misconduct. As part of its charge, the Office administers CalArts policies formed under Title IX — the civil rights law that bans sex-based discrimination in federally supported education programs — as well as institutional policies that build upon Title IX. 

Specifically, the Office:
  • Addresses adverse conduct that affects the CalArts community
  • Promotes and ensures civil rights compliance by and for all community members
  • Receives, reviews and resolves alleged violations of the Institute’s conduct policies in a fair, transparent manner that addresses the community’s needs and bolsters safety
  • Remedies conduct-related harm and other impacts in the community
  • Provides yearly and other ongoing awareness, education and prevention opportunities to the community

This website is designed to provide the CalArts community with information, actionable guidance and additional resources related to the institutional policies and procedures overseen by the Office. These policies and procedures are meant to keep the CalArts experience free from preferential or unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment, bias and coercion:

  • CalArts CA Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy and CalArts Title IX Sexual Harassmnet Policy
  • CalArts Prohibited Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy
  • CalArts Minors Policy
  • Student Code of Conduct (Includes COVID-19 Policy)