Why Federal Work Study?

Working while going to school offers you:

  • Pocket money
  • Flexibility with schedule
  • Improved time management
  • Job experience
  • Connections across campus

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a federally funded program that assists students with earning income through part-time employment on or off-campus. A FAFSA must be completed to be considered for FWS, a student must demonstrate remaining need after the scholarships and need-based grants awarded to them to qualify for this award. Students will need to find employment and work in order to receive funds. CalArts is not responsible for finding students employment. To accept your Federal Work Study award, sign into your CalArts Hub Self-Service portal. Prior to the start of the semester, additional instructions will be sent to you, via email, regarding the placement process and all pertinent hiring deadlines.

Award amounts do vary, but are typically $3,000 for the academic year. A student may earn up to the maximum amount, per semester, indicated on their award. Use the following equation to determine the number of hours per week you can work without going over your eligibility:

Amount Offered / Hourly wage = Total number of hours
Total hours / Number of earning weeks = Number of hours per week

Students earn at least minimum wage and sometimes more based upon the job. Students are paid bi-monthly for the hours worked. Earnings are not applied directly to your bill.

Students are encouraged to consider employers involved with community service and the America Reads Program. For additional information on Federal Work-Study click here to be directed to the Department of Education website.

How to Find a Job

Federal work study jobs are be posted on the CalArts Jobs portal at compass.calarts.edu. You can view and apply for work study positions that are currently hiring by clicking on "Jobs" and typing "Federal Work Study" in the keyword search.  If you have trouble finding available jobs, you can reach out to The Center for Life and Work at clw@calarts.edu for assistance. You may also want to ask in your School's main office and other campus offices about any job opportunities they may have open.  Job announcements may also be posted on flyers throughout campus.

Students who do NOT have a Federal Work Study award may also find jobs on-campus by visitng compass.calarts.edu.