Our International Students

Every year, students from all over the world come to study CalArts. Currently international students comprise approximately 24 percent of the student body at CalArts, with about 54 countries represented.  Please see the Facts and Figures - Student Geography for detailed information.

Enrolled Students

If you are an Enrolled Student you will find more information on our International Student Page at the CalArts Hub. 

CalArts Hub


Fall 2021 Plans

Please see the Educational Continuity International Students page.

Student Services

The Office of International Students and Programs provides a multitude of services for international students: advice on cultural adjustment issues, advice on maintaining student visa status, assistance in understanding immigration regulations for students in various situations, as well as providing information on Social Security card, DMV, and U.S. tax information. Our office reports and maintains student visa record on SEVIS, and issues all I-20s for matriculated students.  

In addition, we present various programs throughout the year, starting with international student orientation, work visa and entrepreneur workshops, curricular practical training group sessions, optional practical training group sessions, and U.S. income tax workshops. From time to time, the International Students and Programs Office, in collaboration with other campus groups, holds entertainment and cultural events for international students as well as the CalArts community, such as International Education Week, Lunar New Year Celebration, etc. 


If you have questions or concerns please contact us via phone at 661-291-3406 or use one of the emails bellow, depending on your status. Our office number is G205-6 and it is located at the generator building.

New Students: intlstudents@calarts.edu

Enrolled Students: intlprograms@calarts.edu

Exchange Students: intlexchanges@calarts.edu