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Beyond the Blue Wall Podcast

Beyond the Blue Wall takes listeners inside the world of CalArts. Host Henderson Blumer engages in honest and in-depth conversation with individuals from across the Institute's community of artists, as well as those who support it, helping to illuminate how CalArts is carrying out its mission.

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The Pool

The Pool is the CalArts alumni magazine. The Pool online features expanded content, including videos from interviews and performances, as well as additional photos.

The Pool Issue 8 is online now!

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The Pool: Class Notes

CalArts is preparing another issue of The Pool. Tell us what you’ve been up to. New art installation? New Grammy award? New baby? We want to know!

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24700 Blog

24700 is CalArts' online space dedicated to sharing news and work of the larger CalArts community from around the world. The blog captures stories of the exploration of new forms and expressions in the arts by our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

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Executive Director of Engagement and Events

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Director of Alumnx, and Family Engagement

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Associate Director of Special Events