Industry Partnerships Advancing CalArts

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Industry Partnerships Advancing CalArts (IPAC) is an exclusive program offered to companies and strategic industry partners as a direct service that assists members in navigating engagement opportunities with California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). IPAC partners work closely with the Office of Advancement and respective divisions within CalArts to create strategy around effectively recruiting top talent, marketing their brand on campus, and collaborating with premier faculty and students on projects, while contributing to the professional development of the CalArts community. CalArts works closely through partnerships that:

  • Bring professional development and recruitment opportunities to CalArts students through The Patty Disney Center for Life and Work. 
  • Facilitate collaborative work and involvement with faculty and students.
  • Increases financial support for student programming through scholarship and sponsorship.

In addition, industry partners form rewarding collaborations with our school programs, student groups, or in support of institute-wide events. Industry partners whose combined annual financial commitments exceed $10,000 are eligible to become IPAC Partners.

Find out more about our partnership opportunities below.