Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty

Faculty members at CalArts are valuable participants in the development and delivery of accommodations for students with disabilities. They have the right to: determine the curricula for their courses; evaluate students' progress and assign grades; give feedback to the Disability Specialist regarding the accommodations used in their classrooms; and challenge accommodations that would jeopardize the academic standards of integrity of their courses.  

Each member of the faculty has responsibilities including the following: to provide an atmosphere in which all students can learn the course material; to notify students that accommodations are available and coordinated through the Office of Student Experience; to refer students to Student Experience when they identify themselves as disabled or request services; to provide accommodations in a fair and timely manner; to grade students based on their performance, without counting off for reasonable accommodations or being registered with this office; and to allow accommodations such as recorders, interpreters, academic or artistic aides or note takers into the classroom. 


  • Contact us by email (dso@calarts.edu)
  • Location: F201H
  • Summer Office Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm. 

PLEASE NOTE: Disability Services is not open for drop-in or in-person meetings but we will be meeting via Zoom.