Examples of Accommodations

We provide a wide range of accommodations and in determining reasonable accommodations, the Disability Specialist will consider recommendations made in the student's documentation as well as assistance received by the student in past educational settings.  

It is important to note that colleges are not required to waive or substitute essential elements of programs. Colleges are required to provide reasonable accommodations to assure reasonable access to persons with disabilities for all institutional programs and services. 

Examples of accommodations include but are not limited to: alternative testing accommodations, such as extended time on tests, testing in a room free of distractions or tests administered orally; permission to tape record lectures; extra time on major assignments; note taking assistance; use of a calculator; alternative assignments; services of a sign language interpreter; and access to close-captioned equipment or specialized software, attendance and deadline modifications. 


  • Contact us by email (dso@calarts.edu)
  • Location: F201H
  • Summer Office Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm. 

PLEASE NOTE: Disability Services is not open for drop-in or in-person meetings but we will be meeting via Zoom.