IDEA Project Funding Request

One of the many ways that IDEA supports the Institute’s efforts to confront, address and eradicate the structural, systemic, and societal injustices that exist in our on-campus communities is by providing funding for internal projects and programs that offer unique training or educational opportunities that:

  • Address structural, systemic and social issues of racism, injustice and oppression. 
  • Offer access to speakers, ideas and or projects that provide representational perspective and/or cultural diversity. 
  • Focus on speakers, ideas and or projects that are not otherwise funded through other grants or departmental programs on campus.

How and what to submit

If groups or individual CalArts current students, faculty or staff would like to request funds for program, project or training please note that funding for such programs will be awarded separate and apart from other work funded under the cooperative.  All proposed ideas should be submitted directly to the director of the IDEA Cooperative.  All submissions should meet the following criteria for consideration:

  • Proposal submitted by current students and faculty (individual or groups). 
  • All proposals should include an itemized budget. 
  • Faculty should have the written support of their Dean, students should have the written support of Student Experience and staff should have the written support of their supervisors.   
  • All awarded activities must acknowledge IDEA support on all advertisements.

Selection Process

All submissions will be reviewed with those meeting the submission criteria getting priority for funding.  Proposals will be reviewed and awarded by academic term on a rolling basis.  

All criteria and award requirements are directly tied to the Cooperative’s commitment to fiscal accountability.  Proposals can be funded in whole or part based on alignment with IDEA’s overall goal and objectives.  If you have questions or concerns or are not sure where to begin please contact Mariela DeMaio,​.