IDEA Committee

The Institute Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) Committee is a subcommittee of the Institute Council. It is made up of staff, faculty and students who are committed to advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, access and accessibility at the Institute. The IDEA Committee fosters an open dialogue to identify and address internal barriers to student and employee success as it relates to equity, diversity, inclusion, access and accessibility. 

The work of IDEA centers around Goal 3 to “Foster an inclusive, empathic and community centered culture” of the Institute’s Strategic Plan, With that in mind, the Committee’s foci for this academic year is: 

  • Membership to include school specific representatives. 

  • Focus on measuring success of Action Plan Initiatives. 

  • Support training and workshop topics. 

  • Equity vernacular that is shared campus-wide.

IDEA Committee’s Stated Methods of Supporting the Institute are:

  • Hosting regular meetings. 

  • Supporting the Institute’s strategy for inclusion, equity, diversity, access and accessibility.

  • Supports the competitive process used to review and award IDEA grants and awards, specifically designed for artists and cultural producers broadly defined by each award or grant. 

  • Identifying opportunities for institute-wide engagement thru, training, workshops and professional development activities to keep issues of equity and diversity at the forefront.

The criteria for participation includes:

  • The ability to participate in at least 60% of scheduled meetings. 

  • Authority and leverage to represent a school, program or campus community.

If you have questions or issues for the committee, please contact Institute Diversity Officer Eva Graham at or Mariela DeMaio at

Committee Members 2023-2024 

  • Abigail Severance, Faculty 

  • Allison Keating, Staff

  • Andrea LeBlanc, Faculty

  • Autumn Wyatt, Staff 

  • E.E Williams, Student

  • Eva Graham, Institute Diversity Officer and IDEA Director-Chair

  • Eyvind Kang, Faculty 

  • Harry Gamboa, Faculty

  • Jimmy Cricket, Faculty 

  • Lina Christie, Staff

  • Mariela DeMaio, IDEA Coordinator-Co-Chair

  • Michael Bryant, Faculty 

  • Westley Garcia-Encines, Staff