Residential Life Policies

All residents must abide by policies and expectations set forth in their Housing Contract or Lease and the Resident Guide and Housing Policies

Alcohol and Drugs

Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages must be in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and the Institute Alcohol and Drugs Policy. CalArts prohibits the unlawful possession, use, transport, manufacture, or distribution of illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia or simulated drugs and alcohol on Institute property. Students who violate CalArts’ alcohol and drugs policies are subject to discipline including termination of the student’s On-Campus Housing License Agreement, which will result in a notice to vacate. Students accused of violation may be required to vacate the residence hall during the appeal process.

Private Parties

No private parties are allowed in residence halls. A party is defined as six or more people in a room. Violators will be fined.

Residence Life Probation

Students who violate any of the Institute policies can be placed on Residence Life Probation. The Institute is concerned with conditions that disrupt the on-campus living environment, and will, in all cases, act accordingly. The student will be notified in writing, and probation will last no less than one academic semester. All conversations regarding Residence Life violations will be documented and kept on file. Violation of Residence Life Probation will result in termination of the student’s On-Campus Housing License Agreement and a notice to vacate will be given.

Notice to Vacate

Violation of the On-Campus Housing License Agreement may result in the loss of the privilege to live on campus. When students lose the privilege of living on campus, they also lose visitation rights to the residence halls, including Mom’s Café and the pool area, and forfeit the right to re-apply for on-campus housing.

Right to Appeal Notice to Vacate

A student is entitled to appeal a vacate notice. The student must submit a written notice of appeal to the Associate Vice President of Student Experience by the end of the next business day, after the date of notice to vacate. The written notice must contain reasons for the appeal.

Early Termination by Student

A student shall have the right, under limited circumstances, to receive a partial refund of the Housing Fee if the Student vacates the Room before the end of the Term and follows the Institute's refund schedule. To obtain such a refund, the Student must first notify the Reisential Life office using the Termination Petition. Notification by the Student by any other communication or to any other office will be deemed inadequate notice to the Institute.


Violators of prohibited actions are subject to a monetary fine of $35 for each violation. Chronic violators will be subject to additional disciplinary action. A total of any three violations may result in loss of current and future on-campus housing.

Disciplinary Policy

Because CalArts is a private institution, it reserves the right to respond to any given situation on a case-specific basis.

CalArts Housing Pet Policy

Residents may not maintain any pets. Pets are strictly prohibited. If Resident is found with a pet or pets, Resident will be assessed a fine. Resident will be given fourteen (14) calendar days from the date that notice of violation of the Pets section of their License Contract or Lease is violated to remove the pet(s) from the Premises. If Resident fails to remove the pet(s) within the fourteen (14) day period, their License Contract or Lease will be subject to revocation or termination and Resident and pet(s) will be removed from the Premises within five (5) calendar days of notice of failure to remove pet(s).

The CalArts Housing Pet Policy is distinct from the Pets on Campus Policy

Please be aware that the CalArts Housing Pet Policy does not include emotional support animals or service animals. Students need to register through Disability Services Office for Emotional Support Animal accommodations. The Residential Life Office works closely with CalArts Disability Services Office (DSO) to ensure compliance with federal and state laws to help create a harmonious living experience for all residents.