Student Housing

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The Institute offers on-campus housing in two separate units: Chouinard Hall for undergraduate students and Ahmanson Hall for third- and fourth-year undergraduate and graduate students, as well as limited units off-campus for third- and fourth-year undergraduate and graduate students. All registered students are eligible to apply for housing, and CalArts will accommodate as many students who need housing as possible.

On campus roommate matching process

As part of the housing application process, we ask students to complete a Resident Information Form.  The more information you provide here, the better equipped we’ll be to assign you a roommate who will compliment you and your lifestyle.  Please answer honestly and include any information that you think will be helpful.  Roommate assignments are sent out the first week of August.

Students can also request Gender Inclusive Housing in both Chouinard and Ahmanson.  Gender Inclusive Housing allows for an environment in which student housing is not restricted by the gender binary.  Students that would like to talk further about Gender Inclusive Housing can contact the Residence Life Office.