Remote Emergency Preparation Checklist

This checklist is designed to help faculty quickly adapt for remote emergency instruction during the suspension of in-person classes.


Issues to Address

Possible Solutions

  Establish your resources to communicate online.
  • Computer, tablet, or even a smart phone
  • Check to see if you have a reliable internet connection
  • Download or learn how to access the necessary apps or software

All faculty should communicate with their class to let them know how your class will be operating due to in person classes being suspended.

  • Ensure students all have access to and are aware of this communication method.
  • Email
  • Announcements on Learn LMS (Faculty to students only; 1-way communication)
  • Discussion forums on Learn LMS (two-way communication)
    Make your revised syllabus available digitally.
  • Email
  • Google Drive
  • Upload as a PDF to Learn LMS (no scanned copies or pictures of handwritten syllabi)
  Decide how you will distribute documents and readings during a disruption. 
  • Become familiar with the process of making PDFs from hard copies. (Please don’t scan or take a picture of a book/reading as it cannot be read by a text e-reader)
  • Familiarize yourself with how to use Library e-reserves.
  • Email
  • Learn LMS (as links or PDFs; no scanned copies)
  • Shared Google Drive
  • Library e-reserves
  • Google Books
  Examine your syllabus to see what resources or assignments you can substitute from CalArts’ existing digital resources. Determine what resources are freely available to you as an instructor, or coordinate with your school to acquire licensing. 

Library resources:

  • Kanopy
  • Artfilms
  • ArtStor
  • e-reserves

Identify an option for holding class, lessons or office hours virtually. Think about how you would continue class discussion.

Consider holding a live session with students, or capturing your lecture content for students to watch remotely on their own time. 
  • Email
  • Asynchronous discussion on Learn LMS
  • Live video discussion on Zoom
    • The link can be embedded in Learn, either as Session Content or embedded in the media player.
  Designate a centralized place to collect student assignments. 
  • Email
  • Google Drive
  • Learn coursework module
  Think about how your methods for feedback, grading and critique of students assignments can be communicated digitally.
  • Email written feedback
  • Zoom for verbal feedback
  • Learn coursework and quizzes