Tuition and Deadlines

Fall 2023 (9/11/23-12/17/23)

September 4 Monday Labor Day Holiday (administrative offices closed)
September 5 – 10 Tuesday – Sunday  New Student Orientation
September 11 Monday Fall 2023 Classes Begin/Start of Fall semester
September 11 – 22  Monday-Friday Fall Add/Drop Period 
October 9 Monday Indigenous People’s Day (Institute closed)
November 17 Friday Deadline for Course Withdrawals (‘W’ on transcript)
November 23 – 24 Thursday – Friday Fall Break (Institute closed)
December 4 Monday Winter session/Spring 2024
Mentoring/Advising Period Begins
December 9 Saturday Winter session & Spring 2024
Registration Opens
December 17 Sunday Fall 2023 Semester Classes End
December 18 – 
January 7
Monday-Sunday Winter Recess
December 22 Friday Fall 2023 Grades Due 


Winter Session 2024 (1/8/24*-1/19/24)

January 3  Wednesday New Student Orientation
January 8* Monday Winter Session 2024 Classes Begin
January 8 – January 12  Monday – Friday Winter Session Add/Drop Period
January 15 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Institute
January 19 Friday Winter Session 2024 Classes End
January 26 Friday Winter Session 2024 Grades Due

*Winter session is a part of the Spring academic term. Therefore, this date is the start of the Spring semester. 


Spring 2024 (1/22/24-5/10/24)

January 22 Monday Spring 2024 Classes Begin/Start of Spring semester
January 22 – February 2  Monday-Friday  Spring 2024 Add/Drop Period 
February 19  Monday President’s Day (Institute closed) 
March 23 – March 31 Saturday – Sunday Spring Break 2024
March 25 – April 26 Monday-Friday Summer Registration Opens
April 1 Monday Cesar Chavez Day (Institute closed)
April 5 Friday Deadline for Course Withdrawals (‘W’ on transcript)
April 29 Monday Fall 2024 Mentoring/Advising Period Begins
May 4 Saturday Fall Registration Opens 
May 5 Sunday Spring 2024 Classes End
May 6 – May 10 Monday – Friday  Spring 2024 Métier Review/Presentation Week
May 10 Friday Graduation Ceremony/End of Spring semester
May 17 Friday Spring 2024 Grades Due
May 27 Monday Memorial Day (Institute closed)
May 30 Thursday 2023-2024 Mentor Reports/Graduation Reviews Due


Summer 2024

May 28 Tuesday Summer 2024 Classes Begin/Start of Summer semester
May 31 Friday  Summer 2024 Drop Period Ends
June 19 Wednesday Juneteenth (Institute Closed)
June 27 Thursday Deadline for Course Withdrawals (‘W’ on transcript)
July 4 Thursday Independence Day (Institute Closed)
July 19 Friday Summer 2024 Classes End
July 26 Friday Summer 2024 Grades Due 
August 30 Friday End of Summer semester


Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition for students who withdraw from CalArts or take a leave of absence for the term are adjusted according to the following schedule. Fees are non-refundable. 

Students are responsible for any outstanding balance remaining after tuition adjustment. If you are receiving financial aid, your leave/withdrawal may affect your financial aid for the current and/or future terms.

You can find the Leave of Absence and Withdrawal forms here.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Timing Refund Percentage
Before Classes Begin 100%
Leave/Withdraw during 1st Week 90%
Leave/Withdraw during 2nd Week 75%
Leave/Withdraw during 3rd Week 50%
Leave/Withdraw during 4th Week 25%
Leave/Withdraw after 4th Week 0%