Recommendations for Fall 2021

For all remote and hybrid courses offered in Fall 2021, the Provost’s Office is strongly recommending that all faculty: 

  1. Use the provided checklists and quick start guides to guide you in your course planning and delivery. 
  2. Use Learn ( to ensure a consistent experience for students and to reduce confusion.
    • If you have already built your course content on another platform (i.e., Google Sites, private Canvas site, etc), we recommend, at minimum, that you upload your syllabus to Learn and link to your class from there. 
    • You can use Learn in conjunction with other tools, such as Google Drive, for collecting student work.
  3. Use Zoom as you need to for synchronous meetings with students. 
  4. Sign up for and complete the provided training—click here for more information.
  5. Fully prepare and make your course available to your students by the first day of term.