Outside Scholarship Resources

Outside scholarships are awarded to a student’s financial aid award upon receipt of the scholarship check from the donor. Once funds are received by CalArts, they will be disbursed to your student account according to our disbursement schedule. If you have received or are expecting to receive an outside scholarship, please notify the Financial Aid Office, as they are required to document this information accordingly and make any necessary adjustments to your financial aid per federal guidelines.

A number of organizations offer scholarships specifically geared toward helping international students fund their education abroad. Below is a list of scholarships some of our students have taken advantage of in the past. International students may also apply for many of the same private scholarships that domestic students are eligible for. Please review our additional Outside Private Scholarships resource page to research other options

Scholarship Universe

Scholarship Universe is a tool to match you with ouside scholarships that you can apply for.  You can access the Scholarship Universe Application through CalArts Single Sign-On at sso.calarts.edu, or directly by clicking here.

Other Search Engines

The links below will take students to outside search engines, where students can search for additional scholarships that they may be eligible for.  Note that these search engines often require students to sign up/create a profile in order to use them.