Faculty and Staff Training

Faculty and staff are required to undergo training about their rights and responsibilities under the federal Title IX law and under related CalArts policies. These trainings include an overview of protections, reporting procedures for prohibited behavior under the Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment policies and best practices for communication.

Importantly, the training goes into detail about reporting obligations under both Title IX and institutional practices. Apart from counselors, Student Health Center staff and confidential student advocates, all CalArts faculty and staff members are required to report any and all sexual-misconduct-related activity that relates to faculty, staff or students. This is key: The protections and obligations under Title IX apply not only to students but to the entire CalArts community.

Likewise, all faculty and staff — apart from those exceptions noted above — are required to report all misconduct related to discrimination or harassment under any protected class, including groups protected by virtue of race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability and family status.

Training: More Than the Basics

The Institute’s faculty and staff training on these fronts is designed to go well beyond essential legal provisions under federal and institutional rules. Sessions encourage faculty and staff to think deliberately about the perspectives and experiences of those with less power, and about the dynamics of power differentials — for instance, whether those without authority feel able to express discomfort.

Following these training sessions, all faculty and staff should be equipped to evaluate their impact as authority figures and be well apprised of red-flag, line-crossing behaviors, such as oversharing about their personal challenges, purchasing alcoholic beverages for students and asking students for personal errands. In addition, faculty and staff trainees should feel able to create atmospheres of deliberate comfort and understanding where no one feels threatened.

Training sessions also emphasize the Institute’s prohibition on amorous relationships between students and those who instruct, mentor, evaluate, supervise or otherwise hold authority over them — or may do so in the future. CalArts strives to take a holistic, thoughtful approach in fostering awareness among faculty and staff, seeking to stoke reflection and routine self-assessment.

Recent training materials are available for authorized users of the CalArts community, who can access them through the Hub.

FAQs: Faculty and Staff

Question: How do I know which trainings I’m required to undergo? How can I refer to the training materials later on if I need a refresher?

Answer: Trainings are scheduled throughout the academic year for faculty and staff members. Expectations for training attendance are made clear at the time of hire or otherwise through communications from the Office of Community Rights and Responsibilities. Training presentations are available online on this page. If you would have additional questions or would like to request training from the Office of Community Rights and Responsibilities please contact dsimmons@calrts.edu