The Daily Crime Log contains a summary of information entered by Campus Safety officers and action(s) taken by Campus Safety or L.A. County Sheriffs. The Annual Security Report required by the Clery Act contains certain crimes and locations, but does not include all incidents reported. The Daily Crime Log reports provide the CalArts community information on all incidents both on and off campus, which are reported to Campus Safety.

Jan. 1: Nothing to Report  Jan. 2: Nothing to Report
Jan. 3: Nothing to Report Jan. 4: Nothing to Report
Jan. 5: Nothing to Report Jan. 6: Nothing to Report
Jan. 7: Nothing to Report Jan. 8: Nothing to Report
Jan. 9: Nothing to Report Jan. 10: Nothing to Report
Jan. 11: Nothing to Report Jan. 12: View Report
Jan. 13: Nothing to Report Jan. 14: Nothing to Report
Jan. 15: Nothing to Report Jan. 16: Nothing to Report
Jan. 17: Nothing to Report Jan. 18: Nothing to Report
Jan. 19: Nothing to Report Jan. 20: Nothing to Report
Jan. 21: Nothing to Report Jan. 22: Nothing to Report
Jan. 23: Nothing to Report Jan. 24: Nothing to Report
Jan. 25: View Report Jan. 26: View Report
Jan. 27: Nothing to Report Jan. 28: Nothing to Report
Jan. 29: Nothing to Report Jan. 30: Nothing to Report
Jan. 31: View Report  

Feb. 1: Nothing to Report Feb. 2: Nothing to Report
Feb. 3: Nothing to Report Feb. 4: Nothing to Report
Feb. 5: View Report Feb. 6: Nothing to Report
Feb. 7: Nothing to Report Feb. 8: Nothing to Report
Feb. 9: View Report Feb. 10: Nothing to Report
Feb. 11: Nothing to Report Feb. 12: Nothing to Report
Feb. 13: Nothing to Report Feb. 14: View Report
Feb. 15: Nothing to Report Feb. 16: Nothing to Report
Feb. 17: Nothing to Report Feb. 18: View Report
Feb. 19: Nothing to Report Feb. 20: View Report
Feb. 21: Nothing to Report Feb. 22: Nothing to Report
Feb. 23: Nothing to Report Feb. 24: Nothing to Report
Feb. 25: Nothing to Report Feb. 26: Nothing to Report
Feb. 27: Nothing to Report Feb. 28: View Report
Feb. 29: View Report

March. 1: View ReportMarch 2: View ReportMarch 3: Nothing to ReportMarch 4: View ReportMarch 5: View ReportMarch 6: View ReportMarch 7: Nothing to ReportMarch 8: Nothing to ReportMarch 9: Nothing to ReportMarch 10: Nothing to ReportMarch 11: View ReportMarch 12: Nothing to ReportMarch 13: Nothing to ReportMarch 14: View ReportMarch 15: View ReportMarch 16: View ReportMarch 17: View ReportMarch 18: Nothing to ReportMarch 19: Nothing to ReportMarch 20: Nothing to ReportMarch 21: Nothing to ReportMarch 22: Nothing to ReportMarch 23: Nothing to ReportMarch 24: View ReportMarch 25: March 26: March 27: March 28: March 29: March 30:March 31: