Missing Document Requirements

In some cases, we may ask students to submit additional documentation to the Financial Aid Office. If additional documentation is required, students will receive an email notification with instructions

Students can view a list of any documents that they are required to submit through the following steps:

  • Visit sso.calarts.edu to access the Self-Service web app.
      New students get credentials from Admissions and will need to setup their account with sso.calarts.edu, establishing their permanent password and account recovery information. After completing these easy steps, a new student will be able to access their application information and view their financial aid award. Please click here for precise and detailed steps on how to do this. For further assistance, please contact the Office of Information Technology at cait@calarts.edu
  • Click on “Self Service” within the available web app dashboard
  • Click on “Financial Aid” to go to your Financial Aid Checklist
  • Click on “Complete required documents”

Please submit documents to the CalArts Financial Aid Office using the Missing Documents Upload Form, do not them email directly to the office.  Submit the requested documents as soon possible to avoid delays in processing your financial aid.