Frequently Asked Questions

Students from lower-income backgrounds and marginalized groups are missing, because the tuition is so high and on-campus jobs pay so poorly. Students and practitioners who aim their work towards the entertainment industry thrive at CalArts. CalArts students are experimental, open-minded, and driven.

An emphasis on experimentation without judgement, cross-pollination of disciplines, artistic vision over market popularity, rigorous academic discussion and critique. I attended UCLA film school before attending the live action film program at Cal Arts. UCLA, as most film schools, was industry-driven, for students seeking to be a cog in the Hollywood machine. Cal Arts was driven by passionate artists seeking personal expression. As our culture continues to place increasing emphasis on monetary success and fame, there must be a place for the vanguard, for those whose art is a private necessity rather than simply a professional choice. These passionate outliers are, and always have been, the future of art. -Kristen Bentz, graduated 1993

The mentorship system between faculty and students, along with small class sizes, should stay the same. It would be nice to have more classes that are for graduate students only; currently most electives are open to both grads and undergrads. The cost of tuition and level of financial support should change. Students who TA should earn more, and be given more responsibilities.