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Your support directly impacts students: $10 can provide one lunch to a student, $25 can provide multiple dinners, and a larger gift can buy groceries and essentials for a week or more!

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How the BNC is funded
  • The BNC is partially funded by the Student Union.
  • The Basic Needs Center is also funded by the Food Solutions Program through generous donations from CalArts Faculty and Staff members.

Basic Needs Center Grand Opening

2021-2022 CalArts BNC Direct Impact Summary

Total Student Usage:

  • Total check-ins: 947
  • Grocery bag pick up events (3): 130
  • Grand Total: 1,077

Residence Data Break Down:

  • On-Campus: 396
  • Off-Campus: 546
  • Other/in-between housing: 5

Data Observations:

  • The highest usage of the BNC was in the month of March and April
  • Majority of the students who utilized the BNC during spring break were on-campus students
  • Four out of five students in between housing are nontraditional students
  • Average check-in per week is 55
  • Check-ins/visits per individual student range from 1-17 throughout the academic year which average 8.5 visits per student. Out of 947 total in-person visits, here are the repeated total of student check-ins for the year:
    • 1-3 visits: 333
    • 4-9 visits: 384
    • 10-17 visits: 227

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday
10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Face coverings and physical distancing required to enter the Basic Needs center. Please continue to follow us on our social media platform for the most current updates: @calartsbnc

Contact Us

IG: @calartsbnc