Class Signup

2018 Spring Semester

Spring 2018 online class signup opens on December 19 (the Tuesday after the last day of fall semester), with start times staggered throughout the day. All students will receive a signup time by email during the first week of December. Once your signup time begins, log into CalArts Course Catalog to register for the classes you want to add.

Classes will fill up quickly during online signup, so you should know what to sign up for before your assigned time. The spring schedule will be available online as of December 4. If you haven’t met with your mentor yet to talk about your plans for spring semester, that would be a good time to do so.

The Registrar’s Office and Academic Advising also have many resources to help you plan your semester. We’re available by phone (661-253-7842), by email ( or, or in person during regular business hours. We will also be holding academic advising events – keep an eye on your email for details on where to find us.

Online registration will be available to add or drop spring courses through February 9. Course withdrawals may be processed online through the withdrawal deadline on April 6, with the exception of students withdrawing from the institution. To withdraw from all classes, contact the Registrar’s Office at

2018 Winter Session

Winter Session (aka: Interim, Practicum) class signup will happen at the same time as Spring signup. To find these courses in the catalog, select Winter Session from the options listed under the “Spring 2018 Sections” menu. Students may add or drop Winter Session courses through January 12, and may withdraw from these courses through January 19.

Winter Session is a two-week period that opens the spring semester with a wide array of course offerings from the Schools of Art (Practicum), Critical Studies, Dance, Music (Interim), and Theater. Many of these courses are open to the institute to encourage cross-disciplinary exploration. Regular spring semester courses will begin on January 22 for schools participating in Winter Session.

Film/Video is not offering any Winter Session offerings for 2018, and all spring courses in the school will begin on January 8. However, Film/Video students are welcome to enroll in Winter Session courses, provided they do not have scheduling conflicts with their full-semester courses.

Course Advising Day

For courses that are not available through online signup, and for general mentoring and discussion with faculty, students are invited to attend Course Advising Day. This is where you will have the opportunity to sign up for any courses listed as Permission of Instructor. Course Advising Day will be held on Thursday, January 4, 2018. Students are assigned a morning or afternoon time by last name.

  • L-Z, 9 am-noon
  • A-K, 1:30 pm-4:30 pm

Important Dates for Class Signup

  • Dec. 4, 2017 – Spring schedule available on the Hub
  • Dec. 19 – Online class signup begins
  • Jan. 4, 2018 – Course Advising Day
  • Jan. 8 – Spring courses begin (School of Film/Video Only)
  • Jan. 8 – Winter Session courses begin (Schools of Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Music, and Theater)
  • Jan. 12 – Last day to drop Winter Session classes
  • Jan. 22 – Spring courses begin (Schools of Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Music, and Theater)
  • Feb. 9 – Last day to drop Spring classes
  • April 6 – Last day to withdraw from Spring classes (W grade on transcript)
  • May 11 – Last day of Spring semester

Online Class Signup Instructions

Build Your Preferred List of Courses

  1. Go to CalArts Course Catalog
  2. Sign in with your username (without the and password (your CalArts credentials). If you are unable to sign in, go to and click on How Do I: Reset my CalArts Credentials
  3. Once you are signed in, browse sections by clicking on the Browse Fall 2017 Sections menu. Remember to browse by the appropriate academic level (undergraduate or graduate).
  4. Add courses of interest to your Preferred List. When you are done adding courses to your Preferred List, and are ready to finalize registration for your classes, please continue onto the next steps.

Register for Courses from Your Preferred List

  1. Begin the registration process by viewing your Preferred List
  2. Select “Register for Courses.” You will be taken from the Course Catalog to the Hub for registration, and may be prompted to sign in again.
  3. Review your courses using My Schedule.

If you are using a public computer, please log off from both the Hub and Catalog for security reasons.

Keep in mind you may have had courses already added to your schedule at the request of your school, so be sure to check this before you get too far along in planning for the semester. There will also be a number of courses marked as “Permission of Instructor.” In order to sign up for these, you will first need to get approval from the faculty, which you can do at Course Advising Day.

Resources to Help Create Your Schedule

Find Program Requirements

For information about your métier ("program") requirements, start by reviewing the year-by-year requirements in the catalog:

If you have questions about métier requirements, please contact your mentor. If you don’t know who your mentor is, contact your school office.

Help and Assistance

If you’re not sure what classes you need to graduate, here are links that will help:

  • For information about your Critical Studies requirements, check your degree audit through the Hub. Here is a guide to running your degree audit through the Hub.
  • To see a list of all the courses you've taken at CalArts, view your unofficial transcript on the Hub.
  • For questions about BFA Critical Studies or transfer credit, please contact:


If you have trouble using or remembering your CalArts credentials (username or password) to log into the Hub, Catalog, or Hub Helper, contact CalArts IT at

If you’re logged in, but are having trouble adding a class, contact the Registrar’s Office at 661-253-7842 or

Contact the Registrar's Office directly for help with general questions, or if you need additional guidance on where to go for answers to more specific questions. We're here to help! You can reach the Registrar's Office by email at, or by phone at 661-253-7842.