The Creative Leave Program provides the opportunity for faculty to focus exclusively for one semester on the development of artistic, scholarly and/or teaching practices.

CalArts strongly believes that ongoing faculty professional development is fundamental to sustaining the strength of CalArts as an Institute dedicated to creative research and cultural innovation, and can demonstrably enhance teaching effectiveness and student experience. The achievements of our faculty of working artists and scholars, both directly and indirectly tied to pedagogy, make significant contributions in their disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, enhance our institutional reputation for leadership in creative work and support our ability to attract and retain the most promising students.

Faculty Creative Leave Colloquium and Reports 

Our faculty’s professional work takes them all over the world playing concerts, holding workshops and clinics, showcasing at festivals, writing books and articles, conducting research, etc. Creative leaves provide opportunities for faculty to concentrate on their professional work, their métier, and then, in turn, to connect with, inspire, and teach our students via their accumulated knowledge and the ability to demonstrate the creative application of that knowledge.

During the semester following the creative leave, faculty must participate in an annual colloquium and submit a report sharing the activities and accomplishments of their leave with the broader CalArts community. Creative Leaves funded for 2016-2017 are:

Faculty Member School Semester
Karen Atkinson Art Spring 2017
John Mandel Art Fall 2016
Shelley Stepp Art Spring 2017
Michael Worthington Art Spring 2017
Michael Bryant Critical Studies Fall 2016
James Wiltgen Critical Studies Spring 2017
Laurence Blake Dance Fall 2016
Betzy Bromberg Film/Video Spring 2017
Steve Brown Film/Video Spring 2017
Gary Mairs Film/Video Spring 2017
Berenice Reynaud Film/Video Spring 2017
Paul Vester Film/Video Spring 2017
Karen Baxter Library Spring 2017
Larry Koonse Music Spring 2017
Marc Lowenstein Music Fall 2016
Michael Pisaro Music Spring 2017
Sara Roberts Music Spring 2017
Wolfgang von Schweintz Music Fall 2016
Paul Vorwerk Music Spring 2017
Djoko Walujo Music Spring 2017
Christopher Barreca Theater Spring 2017
Jon Gottlieb Theater Spring 2017