World Music and Dance Festival 2017: Day One

World Music and Dance Festival 2017: Day One

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CalArts Campus

The Wild Beast

The Wild Beast Concert Series

Always one of the highlights of the spring semester at CalArts, the three-day spectacle of sumptuous sight and sound offers both classical and contemporary performance expressions from around the globe. Nine free concerts at the Wild Beast music pavilion feature the talents of internationally acclaimed CalArts faculty, top student performers and special guest virtuosos from Asia and Africa.

7 pm
Javanese Dance Duet:
Didik Nini Thowok & Maria Darmaningsih
Didik Nini Thowok, Indonesia’s most famous cross-gender master dancer, pairs up with eminent dancer and choreographer Maria Darmaningsih for a duet to open the evening’s program. The guest artists are performing Gambyong Pangkur, a dance that first emerged in the Mangkunegaran Royal Court in Surakarta.

8 pm
A Night in Java:
Music and Dance with Gamelan Kyai Doro Dasih
Performing under the direction of guest artist BRM Bambang Irawan and CalArts faculty Nanik Wenten, Gamelan Kyai Doro Dasih (“The Honorable Dream Come True”) stages the classical court dances Bedoyo Pangkur and Golek Lambangsari, as well as the shadow puppet play Wayang Kulit. Featuring guest dancer Rahmalina Lintang Sasongko.

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