World Music and Dance Festival 2017: Day Two

World Music and Dance Festival 2017: Day Two

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CalArts Campus The Wild Beast

The Wild Beast Concert Series

Always one of the highlights of the spring semester at CalArts, the three-day spectacle of sumptuous sight and sound offers both classical and contemporary performance expressions from around the globe. Nine free concerts at the Wild Beast music pavilion feature the talents of internationally acclaimed CalArts faculty, top student performers and special guest virtuosos from Asia and Africa.

1 pm
World Music Student Showcase Concert
One of the most exciting concerts included in last year’s Festival, the World Music Student Showcase Concert gives a voice to student-led and/or based world music endeavors. Selected ensembles from the CalArts community will present their work.  

4 pm
Music and Dance of Bali
Fusing ancient traditions with contemporary ideas, the CalArts Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar Burat Wangi (“Fragrant Offering”) presents new and traditional music and dance of Bali, featuring a new dance, Legong Tombol, and dance drama Sunda-Upasunda, the tale of two demonic brothers who grew up to be very powerful. Together, the brothers embark upon a journey of world domination. When they decide to meditate in the Himalayan mountains, they produce such heat, the gods become alarmed, and the god Brahma sends a beautiful nymph Nilotama and her friends to distract the meditation. Seeing Nilotama, the two brothers immediately fall in love with her, then begin fighting over her. Finally, the brothers Unda-Upasunda kill each other. The performance is directed by Nyoman Wenten, with Nanik Wenten as dance director, with special guest dancers I Wayan Susila and B.R.M. Bambang Irawan.

7:30 pm
Tabla Ensemble
Under the direction of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and assisted by Randy Gloss, the CalArts Tabla Ensemble draws from the vast repertoire of North Indian tabla, presenting both traditional and contemporary material in the format of tabla recital (tabla solo) arranged for the ensemble.

8 pm
North Indian Classical Music
Promising a transformative experience, this concert of Hindustani classical music showcases two legendary artists of the international stage: tabla master Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and sarode virtuoso Ustad Aashish Khan. The distinguished CalArts faculty members perform a set of exquisite duos, during which they announce the raag and taal—the melodic modes and rhythmic cycles—of the music from the stage.

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