School of Film/Video


The School of Film/Video is one of the world’s foremost places for the study and practice of the art of the moving image as a personal, evolving, and innovative art form. With a variety of programs, students in the School of Film/Video work in all modes of moving image and sound-based artwork, including story and character-based work in live-action and animated cinema; essayistic, socio-political, and observational documentary projects in live-action, animation, installation, and hybrid forms; and poetic, lyrical, structural, and other modes of experimentation with the materials and forms of the moving image.

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Additional ways that you can support students in the School of Film/Video:

  • Showcase - The School of Film/Video presents a selection of special screenings that feature new short and feature-length films by students in its four programs–a culmination of hard work and dedication throughout the year.
  • Allan Sekula Social Documentary Fund - Honoring the memory of an influential CalArts faculty member, this fund provides grants for students working in the social documentary genre. 

To learn about additional opportunities to support the School of Film/Video and its students, or to find out how you can establish your own scholarship or means of support, please contact Cynthia Villasenor