CalArts Weekend: All Access

CalArts Weekend, our annual fall festival, is celebrating its 10th anniversary Thursday, Oct. 15 – Saturday, Oct. 17

Highlights each day include:

Thursday - October 15 (4:00pm - 9:30pm)
  • Enjoy highlights from the first two exhibitions of the 2020 MFA Post Graduate Art Show, "Time is out of Joint."  (4pm)
  • Animation legend Glen Keane (Experimental Animation BFA 74) leads us through the artistic process for his new film and directorial debut, "Over the Moon," in conversation with Oscar-nominated animator/director, Minkyu Lee (Character Animation BFA 09) (6pm)  PLUS: Watch an exclusive, pre-release preview of "Over the Moon"   
  • Join the Thursday Night Afterparty, hosted by Music Technology and The Center for Integrated Media, where you can experience performances from students, alumnx, and faculty from The Center for Integrated Media and the schools of Art, Dance, and Music (7:30pm)
  • PLUS: Experience additional musical performances 
Friday - October 16 (4:00pm - 11:00pm)
  • Learn about the memoirists’ process with readings of the new book "Heaven" by author Emerson Whitney (Creative Writing MFA 14) and actors Alex Barlas (Acting MFA 20) and Pricilla Jin Chung (Acting MFA 20). Moderated by Tisa Bryant, Director, MFA Creative Writing Program (4pm)
  • Join us for a Welcome Reception with CalArts President Ravi Rajan and Provost Tracie Costantino along with representatives from Students' Union. Network with other attendees, one-on-one, via video chat (5pm)
  • A presentation from the students, alumnx, and faculty of CalArts' Hip Hop Lab and new performances created just for CalArts Weekend (5:30pm)
  • Participate in a conversation on the current state and future possibilities for performance and theater, organized and moderated by REDCAT Deputy Executive Director and Curator Edgar Miramontes. The discussion includes artist taisha paggett, artist and Associate Curator of Performance at MCA Chicago Tara Aisha Willis, and artist Lars Jan (Theater Directing MFA 2008) (7pm)
  • The School of Dance presents O P E N H O U S E Dance Concert, a digital dance performance and conversation that will introduce you to the new MFA's of CalArts Dance in their very first live-streamed event. (8pm) NOTE: see important information specific to this event below)* 
  • Tune in to a night of student and alumnx performances hosted by KCIA, CalArts’ radio station (8:30pm)
  • PLUS: Performances from the Herb Alpert School of Music and the School of Theater, a message from the provost and the Students' Union president 
Saturday - October 17 (9:00am - 1:00pm; 8:00pm - 9:30pm)
  • Learn more about the partnership between CalArts and the World Resources Institute for a Sustainable Ocean (9am) 
  • Hear three artists from the CalArts community, Lyndon Barrois (Experimental Animation MFA 95, CalArts Trustee), Dimitri Chamblas (Dean, Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance), and Beatriz Cortez (Art MFA 15) discuss their work through the lens of social justice and activism. Moderated by John D’Amico (Aesthetics and Politics MFA 10) (10am)
  • See REDCAT's "Inside Out & Upside Down" exhibition and hear highlights from the conversation, "Unseen in the Archives: Inclusion and Omission in Inside Out & Upside Down: Posters from CalArts 1970–2019," with Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton (Graphic Design MFA 07), Silas Munro (Graphic Design MFA 08), Michael Worthington, CalArts Graphic Design Faculty, and Carmen Amengual, REDCAT Exhibitions Manager (11am)
  • Archives of Invisibility: A panel of faculty and alumnx from the School of Critical Studies who explore the myths and realities about the social fabric of the United States. The panel will address the fundamental questions of who we are, how we live, what we make, and how all of this is recorded and understood. The panel is moderated by Tisa Bryant, Director, MFA Creative Writing Program, and Arne De Boever, Director, MA Program in Aesthetics and Politics, and features Rose Andersen (Creative Writing MFA 18), Andrew Culp, Faculty, Critical Studies, Michael Leong, Faculty, Critical Studies, and Linette Park (Aesthetics and Politics MA 13) (11am)​
  • Join a discussion with director Monty Cole (Theater Directing MFA 19) and Deena Selenow (Theater Directing MFA 13) on Cole's adaptation of the 1959 book Black Like Me and on creating Black theater (Noon)
  • See demonstrations about how instrumental musicians can engage in rehearsals throughout the pandemic and then experience the finished product.
  • The School of Dance presents O P E N H O U S E Dance Concert, a digital dance performance and conversation that will introduce you to the new MFA's of CalArts Dance in their very first live-streamed event. (8pm) NOTE: see important information specific to this event below)* 
  • PLUS: Hear pitches from the Patty Disney Center for Life and Work Entrepreneurship class, watch a story from an alumnx with an unconventional career path, get a lesson on DNA extraction, and more

Each day you will also have an opportunity to visit the Expo Hall to learn more about everything that the CalArts community has to offer!

All of this great content will ONLY be available during CalArts Weekend. Register now to join us for this free, entirely virtual event.

Please note that the day and approximate start time for each event is subject to change. All videos are captioned. If you require additional accommodation, please contact the CalArts Disability Services Office at

*O P E N H O U S E is a digital dance performance and conversation that introduces you to the new MFA's of CalArts Dance. Join us for choreography created for this new platform and for a moderated conversation about making body-based works that live in living rooms, beaches, and the liminal space between the dancer and the viewer.

This is a LIVE event at 8pm on both dates. The dance pieces are pre-recorded, but there will be some live interaction on each night. I believe, following the Friday performance, there will be a live talk back/moderated Q&A with each of the choreographers where we will open the live chat to audience that would like to participate.  

This is a FREE event, but tickets must be reserved ahead of time. There is no 'watch now link' that will take users who haven't reserved to the event. They'll receive confirmation with links to view when they reserve a ticket. Click on the date below to reserve your ticket: 
Saturday, October 17th event