Why Travel with CalArts

See original CalArts works

Your travel experience will always be connected to an Institute or faculty project, often in partnership with local arts organizations in the regions we are exploring.

Meet the CalArts Artists and creative teams behind each project

Points of intersection between travelers and CalArts Artists and creative teams are built into each itinerary. You will have the opportunity to ask meet our artists and ask questions about their creative process and work.

Support artists by traveling with us

Proceeds, in part, support the travel and performance costs of CalArts artists associated with the work you will see on your trip.

Travel with like-minded people and connect with other CalArts community members

Enjoy an arts-oriented trip with like-minded artists and art appreciators. Every tour is an occasion to form new friendships with individuals as artistically and intellectually curious as you. If we are in a city with a community of CalArts alumnx, we may arrange a meet-up with our travel group, deepening the opportunity for local engagement.

Benefits of CalArts Travel

Leave the planning to us. We arrange the hotel, tour bus, advance tickets to sites and performances, restaurant reservations, and more. Additionally, we assemble custom itineraries and cultural opportunities for small travel groups.