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Fall 2015 Acting Program Auditions

The audition dates for students applying for Fall 2015 have not yet been confirmed. Please view last year’s information below for an understanding of the range of dates and locations for the auditions. The final schedule for auditions will be posted in early fall; locations and dates are subject to change.

Acting Program Auditions

Prospective students must complete the Online Application [1] form prior to scheduling an audition. All Admissions Requirements [2] must be complete to be considered for admission.

The following is required for the live audition:

  • Applicants must present two monologues (no longer than two minutes each) of contrasting nature. Choose one from Shakespeare. Faculty, however, may choose to see only one of the two. It is recommended to prepare a third monologue to present at the faculty’s request.
  • Applicants must bring a resume and a recent photograph, preferably a headshot, to the audition.   

2014 Audition Schedule

Auditions times for each day are either 9 am until 12 pm, or 1 pm until 4 pm. Please plan on being available for the entire block of time, although once your audition is complete, you may finish earlier.

Los Angeles, CA: CalArts Campus

  • Saturday, January 18
  • Sunday, January 19
  • Saturday, January 25
  • Sunday, January 26
  • Saturday, February 8
  • Sunday, February 9

New York, NY 

  • Thursday, January 23
  • Friday, January 24
  • Saturday, January 25
  • Sunday, January 26

Chicago, IL

  • Monday, February 3
  • Tuesday, February 4
  • Wednesday, February 5

San Francisco, CA

  • Saturday, February 8
  • Sunday, February 9
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