Stephanie Moorehouse
Stephanie Moorehouse Strings MFA 14

I was inspired to play the violin at age 6 after watching a live performance in Branson, Missouri. My mom encouraged me to pursue it and after my first lesson I knew that the violin was going to be my passion. As I studied the violin, I began to branch out from my classical training and started to teach myself how to fiddle. I wanted to explore beyond the classical violin and become a diverse violinist. As I began researching graduate schools, CalArts immediately caught my attention. I was impressed by the string faculty profiles, Lorenz Gamma’s in particular. CalArts’ emphasis on “'applying creativity to your art”' inspired me to audition here. I wanted to expand as an artist. CalArts gave me a chance to reach my full potential as a musician. I was challenged with contemporary, electronic, baroque, rock, and classical music all under one roof.

CalArts also inspired me to explore my abilities beyond classical music. This school is the perfect place to experiment with many different performance styles and techniques. After my time at CalArts, I feel confident and prepared knowing that I am able to perform a wide variety of music. The true experience of CalArts lies within yourself and how you spend your time here.