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Visions2030: Earth Edition Day 6

Visions2030: Earth Edition Day 6

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CalArts Campus

A Festival of Eco-Consciousness Interactive Dreaming for Better Futures

Sept 15-24, 2023

Visions2030 seeks to inspire people around the world to envision and forge more equitable, sustainable, and innovative futures by exploring and mobilizing the power of imagination and collaborating across disciplines and cultures. We believe that by cultivating bold and transformative visions for the year 2030 and beyond, we can help shape a more enlightened world.


11 am–4 pm

  • EcoExpo

3-10 pm

  • Sustainable Sounds

1-2 pm

  • LIVE MUSIC: FreiStyle (FreeStyle) Solar Performances (SolarPunk Garden)

2-3 pm

  • FAMILY: Indigenous Storytelling and Cultural Knowledge Sessions (Indigenous Deep Knowledge Circle)

4-5 pm

  • ACTIVITY FOR ALL: “Letters to the Future” with Michele Lorusso (Site of Dispositivo III)

5-7 pm

  • LIVE MUSIC: FreiStyle (FreeStyle) Lunar Party (SolarPunk Garden)

CalArts partners with Visions2030 for the first-ever Earth Edition festival from Friday, Sept. 15 to Sunday, Sept. 24. Presenting the work of more than 50 artists—including many CalArts alums, faculty, and students—and community-based organizations across the campus, the festival of eco-consciousness coincides with California Climate Action Week (Sept. 18-24) and New York Climate Week (Sept. 17-24). 

Founded by CalArts alum Carey Lovelace (Music/Critical Studies BFA 75), Visions2030 is a collective and speculative design project committed to shaping the future through imagination. Earth Edition aims to counter the “catastrophic storytelling surrounding the environmental crisis, and foster imagination to envision and prototype new eco-outcomes.”