Student Union

The CalArts Student Union directs the flow of information related to student needs and is headed by elected representatives of each of the six schools, as well as leaders of other student groups. The organization provides an open forum for students to express concerns about the Institute; serving as liaisons to the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff; and providing for the student body by awarding grants and funding projects/events around campus. The Union functions to unite the student body in order to foster a fully interdisciplinary, progressive and creative environment. The S.U. Website will be the official place to receive updated news, information, and essential resources that come from the union as it relates to the student body.

For more information, contact:
Student Union Office
Room D206a (near Tatum Lounge)
Phone: 661-621-3257

Student Union Fall 2020 Recap

Clubs and Organizations

Not finding a club that interests you? Learn how to create a new club/organization by contacting the Campus Life office at

Asian Student Alliance (ASA)

To celebrate the Asian diaspora and cultivate and promote the work of Asian Artists. For more information, email

Chinese Cinema Club

Chinese Cinema Club aims to open conversation towards contemporary Chinese cinema. For more information, email

The Collective

Functioning as a gathering and a summoning, artists of the African Diaspora collaborate across disciplines to discover the polyvocal, radical depths of Black expression and thought. Through the creation of programming and events that take place throughout CalArts, the Collective strives to sustain multifocal conversations by choosing to speak back and re-vision. For more information, email

Every Nation Campus (ENC)

ENC is a diverse group who are committed to serving the CalArts community beginning with promoting positive conversations about faith in open discussions alongside a theistic Christian world view. For more information, email

Game Makers

The creation of online games and making connections/working with all the schools and programs together. For more information, email

Heart Christian Fellowship

A community for followers and inquirers of Jesus that centers on conversation, prayer and the scriptures. For more information, email

KCIA Radio

To provide a platform of free expression across a variety of media for CalArts students, alumnx, and staff/faculty. For more information visit our website,

Meditation Club

Buddhist meditation practices and weekly classes Thursdays at 4pm! For more information, email

Mi Gente – Latin Student Union

A collective to provide support, encouragement, and critique toward our art practices and communities. For more information, email

Queer Arts Collective (QAC)

Aims to sensitize the CalArts community on diverse, sexual, gender and non-normative identities/narratives. Along with forming a safe and friendly peer group including students, administrators, faculty and staff, we organize exhibitions, film screenings, lectures and artist shows. For more information, email


To educate students about and connect students to the themed entertainment industry. For more information, email

The Troupe

Offers students a setting in which they may develop their comedic writing, performing, and improvisation while maintaining a safe, healthy, and friendly atmosphere. For more information, email