Learn LMS

Learn is the name of CalArts' learning management system (LMS), which is a platform run by Kannu. With Learn faculty can upload and host content, manage assignments, and communicate with students.

Recommendations for Fall 2020

We are strongly encouraging all faculty to use Learn in addition to Zoom to ensure a consistent experience for students and reduce confusion. If you have already built your course content on another platform (i.e., Google Sites, private Canvas site, etc), we recommend, at minimum, that you upload your syllabus to Learn and link to the class from there. You can use Learn in conjunction with other tools, such as Google Drive, for collecting student work.

We also recommend that all faculty teaching in a remote or hybrid modality sign up for the training course, Faculty Training for Teaching Online, which is being offered this summer. More information here. 

New Import Process

In preparation for Fall 2020, all courses and instructor(s) of record will be imported from Colleague to Learn so they are ready for faculty to use in support of their teaching. 

Because of this new process, “official” course shells on Learn will not be available until after the Registrar completes building courses into the catalog in August. In the meantime, faculty may use the Learn LMS Request Form on The Hub to request a temporary course shell, a copy of an existing course, or a sandbox/test shell so they can work ahead with their course design plans this summer. 

Students will be automatically imported into course shells after course sign-up in August. Additionally, starting in Fall 2020, we will have a process for staff-supported enrollment management in courses so they match records in Colleague throughout the add/drop period. In other words, if you used Learn in the past as an instructor and were responsible for uploading, adding and removing students from your course roster on Learn, you will no longer need to do this. 

Certain course types will be omitted from this import to help reduce the possibility for error in the import process and staff workload. Those course types are: Directed Study, Ensemble, Independent Project, Independent Study, Internship, and Lesson. If a course is designated one of those types and you would like to use Learn to host content, please send a request using the Learn LMS Request form on The Hub. 

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