Learn LMS

Learn is the name of CalArts' learning management system (LMS), which is a platform run by Kannu. With Learn you can host your course content and manage your course online. 

To help onboard as many faculty as possible to this system, the online team and IT are working together to import course shells not currently on Learn for all Spring 2020 sections, plus faculty and students for those sections. To expedite this process, certain course types will be omitted from this import to help reduce the possibility for error in the import process and staff workload. Those course types are: Directed Study, Ensemble, Independent Project, Independent Study, Internship, and Lesson. We are recommending other methods for teaching these courses, such as Zoom, rather than using Learn. 

Faculty who teach a class that is part of this import will receive a notification from the platform (do-not-reply@learn.calarts.edu) when the course is available. We hope to have the imports completed by end of day on Sunday, March 15. We ask that all faculty wanting to get started on Learn wait until after this date to get on the platform—this will ensure that your students are imported into the right classes.

At the same time, all faculty will be invited to join the Learn Orientation Training course for faculty. This is an optional course designed to help you build your course on Learn. More information here

If a course shell has been created for you and don’t want to use Learn to teach your class, that’s OK! The course shell will remain unpublished and students won’t see it in their enrolled courses. You do not need to do anything further. 

Students will be imported into your class by March 20 at the latest. They will not see your class until you publish it. 

If you already have your class on Learn, great! You don’t have to do anything. 

If you’re not part of the import and still want to use Learn, email learnhelp@calarts.edu to get access or ask questions. Staff can begin manually importing other courses after March 16.