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Center for Integrated Media

Integrated Media is a supplemental concentration offered by many MFA programs at CalArts.

Integrated Media (IM) is a supplemental concentration offered by The Center for Integrated Media (CIM) at CalArts. IM is designed specifically for advanced students whose creative use of technology—in particular digital media—goes beyond their primary areas of study, or métiers, in art, dance, film/video, music, theater and writing. The Center for Integrated Media supports all IM students across CalArts, enabling them to apply new technologies and integrate multiple media and disciplines into new forms of expression.

The Center for Integrated Media is conceived as an interdisciplinary laboratory where students can combine art, science and technology. It offers specialized IM classes, workshops and seminars, and supports a wide range of projects involving performative and environmental installations, video, sound, music, robotics, gaming, programming, interactivity, computer graphics and the Internet.

Prospective graduate students who are interested in IM as a supplemental concentration apply to the relevant métier MFA program and indicate their intention to be considered for IM on their admissions application. Applicants to the IM should review the IM portfolio and essay requirements in addition to their métier program requirements. These applications are reviewed jointly by MFA program faculty and IM faculty. Applicants are expected to show the level of artistic ability required for the métier program and, at the same time, demonstrate significant previous experience with digital technologies and interdisciplinary work.

IM students must fulfill all of the requirements of their métier MFA programs. In addition, students must complete an IM seminar, an IM critique class and a specific IM project during each year of residency. Further coursework can include independent studies and elective courses on technical and theoretical subjects such as network topologies, new software and hardware, programming basics, operating systems, digital video production and editing, streaming media, interactive tools and new Internet applications.

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