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Worldwide Box Office Grosses by CalArts Alumni Directors of Animated Features Exceeded $40 Billion Dollars in 2016

Worldwide Box Office Grosses by CalArts Alumni Directors of Animated Features Exceeded $40 Billion Dollars in 2016

Contributing to this remarkable total, two CalArts alumni are nominees for the 2017 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature: alumnus Rich Moore, along with co-directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, for Zootopia; and alumnus John Musker, with co-director Ron Clements, for Moana.
Click here for interactive infographic demonstrating the box office returns generated by alumni of California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Character and Experimental Animation Programs since 1985. 

Valencia, California, January 25—On Tuesday, Zootopia and Moana, both co-directed by alumni of California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), received Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Feature. The two films add to the extraordinary box office grosses generated by graduates of the CalArts Character and Experimental Animation Programs: more than $40 billion since 1985.
CalArts' 2017 Oscar contenders are Rich Moore, who co-directed Zootopia with Byron Howard and Jared Bush, and John Musker, co-director of Moana with long-time collaborator Ron Clements. Last year, alumnus Pete Docter received an Academy Award for Inside Out, marking the 9th Oscar for Best Animated Feature awarded to a CalArts alumnus.

The 2016 returns of "CalArtian" directed films show how Institute graduates generate big profits at the box office. Among both live-action and animated films, Finding Dory, co-directed by alumnus Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane, was the second-highest grossing movie of 2016 with a worldwide total of $1,153.3 billion. Zootopia ranked number 3 for the year at $ $1,023.8 billion. Moana, which is still in theaters, was number 15 with $510.9 million in worldwide grosses. Click here for more information.

Since the Best Animated Feature category was established in 2001, Oscar®-winning films by CalArts directors have contributed to this ever-rising box office total. Award winning alumni include Andrew Stanton for Finding Nemo and Wall•EBrad Bird for The Incredibles and RatatouillePete Docter for UP and Inside Out; Brave co-directors Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews; Frozen's Chris Buck; and Don Hall for Big Hero 6
In an article discussing the remarkable box office returns generated by CalArts graduates, Fast Company commented that "considering the current prominence of animation in mainstream Hollywood, not to mention the leading role that design is taking in tech innovation, it's clear that for those with an artistic bent, a creative degree can make as much business sense as one in engineering or computer science."
Ranked number one among the Top 50 Animation Programs in the U.S. by Animation Career Review, CalArts' Experimental and Character Animation programs are unrivaled in the world—educating successive generations of filmmakers who define the industry. CalArts’ animation programs provide students with a foundation in both technique and creative thinking, and prepares them to work at the forefront of the field. Exerting an influence far beyond its size, the Institute was once dubbed the Harvard Business School of Animation by the Los Angeles Times. Click here for more information about prominent alumni of the Character and Experimental Animation Programs. 
During awards season, journalists are invited to visit CalArts and discover why it’s the gold standard of animation education. Animation faculty are available for comments on the art and business of the industry. If you would like to schedule an interview or visit CalArts, please contact Margaret Crane at (661) 222-2787. 
Current Graphic Design Program student Jaejin Ee designed the GIF announcing box office returns through 2016. The interactive infographic was designed by CalArts alumna Stephanie Smith.
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