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Box Office Grosses by CalArts Alumni Directors of Animated Features topped $1.5 billion in 2014

Box Office Grosses by CalArts Alumni Directors of Animated Features topped $1.5 billion in 2014

Alumni Oscar® Nominees for 2015 Best Animated Feature—Anthony Stacchi and Don Hall—Contributed to this Remarkable Total.

Cumulative domestic and international box office grosses for CalArts Alumni Directors of Animated Features increased from $29,340 billion to over $31,697 billion in 2014.

Click here for infographics demonstrating the impressive returns generated by alumni of California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Character and Experimental Animation Programs since 1985. 

Valencia, California, January 15—Two films receiving Academy Award® nominations for Best Animated Feature were directed by alumni of California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). They join a celebrated roster of CalArts-trained directors of animated features who have generated more than $31.5 billion in box office grosses since 1985. This year’s nominees are Anthony Stacchi, co-director, with Graham Annable, of Laika Entertainment’s The Boxtrolls; and Don Hall, who co-directed Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6 with Chris Williams

In 2014, the cumulative box office total generated by CalArts filmmakers gained over $1.5 billion dollars—increasing from $29,340,809,760 to $31,697,069,708. This phenomenal growth is due to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen, which was helmed by alumnus Chris Buck with Jennifer Lee. The 2014 Oscar® winner for Best Animated Film earned $1.3 billion worldwide to become the top-grossing animated film to date.  Read more about the 2014 grosses in the Los Angeles Times.

Since the Best Animated Feature category was established in 2001, Oscar®-winning films by CalArts directors contributed to the ever-rising box office total. Eight alumni have received the award—including Andrew Stanton for Finding Nemo and Wall • E; Brad Bird for The Incredibles and Ratatouille; Pete Docter for UP, and Brave co-directors Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews. All films are from Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios.  

Looking to the future, CalArts filmmakers will continue to build box office revenue with a line-up of upcoming films. Three films from Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios are on the horizon. Representing the next generation of CalArts’ directors, 37-year-old Peter Sohn’s The Good Dinosaur is scheduled for release in fall 2015. Andrew Stanton’s Finding Dory is slated to launch in 2016 with John Lasseter’s highly anticipated Toy Story 4 scheduled for 2017. Lauren Faust, creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is slated to direct the animated comedy Medusa for Sony Pictures, release date TBA. 

Ranked number one among the Top 100 Animation Programs in the U.S. by Animation Career Review, CalArts Experimental and Character Animation programs are unrivaled in the world—educating successive generations of filmmakers who define the industry. CalArts’ animation programs provide students with a foundation in both technique and creative thinking, and prepares them to work at the forefront of the field. Exerting an influence far beyond its size, the Institute was once dubbed the Harvard Business School of Animation by the Los Angeles Times. Click here for more information about prominent alumni of the Character and Experimental Animation Programs. 

During awards season, journalists are invited to visit CalArts and discover why it’s the gold standard of animation education. Animation faculty are available for comments on the art and business of the industry. If you would like to schedule an interview or visit CalArts, please contact Margaret Crane at (661) 222-2787. 

Infographics were designed by CalArts alumna Stephanie Smith (MFA, Music, 2011).