New All-Gender Restrooms Open at CalArts

A Message from CalArts' Facilities Development and Management 

With numerous requests for all-gender restrooms coming from the CalArts community, and with a focus on one of our CaArts’ Strategic Framework goals—to “foster an inclusive, empathic, and community-centered culture”—the Facilities Development & Management Department (FDM) is proud to announce the creation of eight additional, permanent all-gender restrooms throughout the Main Building. 

CalArts is committed to the well-being and inclusivity of all people, including transgender and gender-diverse individuals. FDM, under the direction of Vice President Troy Allen, began the remodeling projects several months ago. Bathrooms without a designated gender benefit a number of individuals who are uncomfortable with—or who face mistreatment when—accessing gender-specific bathrooms. In addition, these restrooms will also be available to people who require the assistance of a caregiver of a different gender as well as parents with children of a different gender.

Before this initiative, CalArts had two all-gender restrooms on the third floor in C-Block (C300a and C300b). Now additional restrooms can be found at the following locations:

  • First floor: E103a, E121, and E122
  • Second floor: D202, D203, and A221 (which will open once the A-Block animation facilities reopen)
  • Third floor: F300f and F300g (located in the Senior Administration Offices)

The restroom projects were completed during “Gaypril,” CalArts’ monthlong Pride celebration of  LGBTQIA+ identity and community. In addition to the aforementioned restrooms, FDM teamed with CalArts Pride, QAC, and the Gender Expansive Community to temporarily designate the multistall restrooms (D209 and D210) near Tatum as all-gender restrooms. Originally scheduled to end on May 1, FDM is extending the all-gender designation of those restrooms into the summer. The other eight all-gender restrooms are permanent. 

Student Experience is collecting feedback through a survey specifically on the Tatum-adjacent restrooms. FDM looks forward to reviewing the feedback from the CalArts community as we all strive to foster an inclusive campus environment at CalArts.