Main Power Shutdown on Dec. 18 for Emergency Power Testing

On Monday, Dec. 18 starting at 6 am, power will be shut down throughout CalArts' main campus for a required test of the Institute's emergency systems. During this estimated eight-hour outage, the emergency generator will be providing power to critical areas to maintain our essential business operations. Although essential employees will continue to maintain the integrity of our facilities infrastructure and safety, all other locations throughout the Institute will not have power or ventilation during the outage. Because of the limited power and network access on campus, we are asking that students, faculty, and staff please make arrangements to work remotely. In addition, campus is closed to outside visitors for the day.

Facilities Management, with Tri-Signal Integration, is conducting this test in accordance with the Los Angeles County Fire Department Annual Compliance Inspection. The test will simulate a power outage to verify that the Institute’s emergency exit signs, emergency egress lights, and emergency power generator(s) would operate as intended in an actual emergency.

Facilities Management Service Center/Mailroom will be open and receiving packages, but will not be able to provide any of their normal dispatch services. Please schedule critical deliveries to be received prior to the outage or after Monday, Dec. 18. Please note that the postage meter machine will not be operational during this time. Departments/Schools will need to take any outgoing mail directly to the Post Office. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Facilities Management main office at 661-255-1050, ext. 7807.