CalArts Will Require Vaccinations for Fall Semester 2021

This announcement was sent to the CalArts community and includes important updates about vaccination requirements from the Covid Response and Implementation Team (CRIT).

Dear CalArts students, faculty, and staff,

From the pandemic’s first days, safety has driven every difficult choice we’ve made. Through our collective sacrifice and responsibility over more than a year, we have safeguarded one another and can begin to see brighter days ahead.

As we move toward restoring campus life this fall, we must remain vigilant in protecting our community’s health — together. It’s in this spirit that CalArts has made the decision to require vaccination against COVID-19 for all students, faculty, and staff planning to attend in-person classes, activities, and events during the Fall 2021 semester. Our health policy will be updated to incorporate this requirement, with limited exceptions, as a permanent standard. (For our unionized staff, we are in contact with your union about this matter and will reach out separately with any updates.)

Widespread vaccination is our best defense against the novel coronavirus and our best hope for restoring -- and maintaining -- those vital human connections we’ve so sorely missed. The growing availability of vaccines is making our planned return to campus possible. 

Any COVID-19 vaccine approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO) will fulfill the CalArts vaccination requirement. We are also developing plans to support students who may not be able to receive a vaccine until they arrive at CalArts. We will communicate those details in the coming weeks. 

Students may seek, and the Institute will consider, waivers based on medical or religious grounds. More details about exemptions and accommodations will be coming to you in the near future. 

Faculty and staff will receive a communication from the Office of Human Resources soon reminding you of our accommodations request process.

In the meantime, please accept our thanks for your commitment to our next chapter and to our shared well-being. We can’t wait to meet and see you on campus in the fall.

Jesse Smith,
Vice President of Facilities & Operations, 
COVID Compliance Officer

Brian Harlan,
Associate Provost,
Chair COVID Response Implementation Team (CRIT)