Victoria Keddie

Victoria Keddie

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School of Music Visiting Artist

Victoria Keddie is an artist working in experiential media, with a focus on transmission and broadcast. Keddie’s work and research explore the choreography between the human body and the tools built for televisual production and electromagnetic signal generation, incorporating the earliest machinery used for sound and video transmission with emerging immersive and virtual-based technologies. For over a decade, Keddie has been the Co-Director of E.S.P. TV, a nomadic TV studio, and episodic cable access serial, that hybridizes technologies to realize synthetic environments and deconstruct the televisual for live performance. Keddie has founded and directed INDEX and OPTICS festivals in New York City and has developed broadcast-based projects such as Poet Transmit and Unit 11, a mobile studio operating from an ENG van. Keddie holds an MA from NYU in Museology with a concentration in ephemeral collection preservation. She is a professor of Immersive Sound for Video and Advanced Televisual Broadcast.