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CalArts Campus

Outside by the Blue Wall

Graduation Thesis Show by Riddhi Mathuria

"Tribhang" is an installation piece that pays tribute to the tribal women in India, the pioneers of incredible tribal art forms taking shape as murals adorning the walls of their humble abodes, conveying the diverse cultural identities rooted in their daily lives. Derived from Sanskrit, ‘Tribhang’ literally translates to “something divided into three parts”; “a three parts break”; and is also used to refer to a widely known stance in Indian classical dance, associated with divine feminine energy and grace. The installation consists of three components – each dedicated to the individual female-dominated artforms of Mandana, Madhubani and Khovar; coming together to form an experiential narrative that takes you through a celebration of these decades-old, fascinating art forms, traditions and cultures of tribal women in India within the context of the purpose they traditionally serve; in an attempt to introduce and connect them to new audiences.

Above all, "Tribhang" stands as a tribute not just to the work of these women and their unforgettable contribution to India’s heritage, but also as tribute to ‘Nari Shakti’ — described in Hinduism as a metaphysical or transcendental interpretation of female creative energy that underlies all manifestations, tangible and intangible, in existence.

Reception: Thursday, April 18, 7-10 pm (thurs.night)