The Herb Alpert School of Music Presents: The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble

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CalArts Campus


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Founded in 1982 by world-renowned American composer and multi-instrumentalist, Vinny Golia, the Large Ensemble has been described by REDCAT as the “powerhouse of the west coast creative music scene for three decades”. Golia founded the ensemble to perform a variety of his spectacular compositions for both chamber and jazz orchestral settings. His compositions seamlessly combine the styles of both Jazz and Contemporary music, along with unique improvisations from players in the ensemble. In its duration, The Large Ensemble has released numerous recordings, of which the first album 'Compositions for Large Ensemble' and second, 'Facts of Their Own Lives', both composed by Vinny Golia, was ranked in the “10 Best” lists by critics and readers across the globe. The Cadence Magazine called the recording of Tutti Conte for Large Ensemble and dance troupe, “some of the most creative and compelling music done in the United States today”. In addition, The Large Ensemble has been on tours along the West Coast and performed at REDCAT, Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles and many other places. 

The concert at CalArts will feature a selection of Mr. Golia’s new and exhilarating compositions. The set-list will be chosen at random on the night of the concert, making it a unique experience for all who attend. Most of Golia’s works only receive one live performance, so don’t miss out on the only chance you might have to hear these fantastic works. 

The concert will also feature a Halloween-themed suite, so any audience members that show up dressed in costume will get a prize from Mr. Golia himself.  

There will be a reception after the concert, with food and alcohol to celebrate the successes of the Large Ensemble and their latest show.