Techstravaganza 2019!

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CalArts Campus

Wild Beast

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The second annual Techstravaganza! fires up under the stars at the Wild Beast, 8:00pm - 10:00pm, Friday, Sept. 20. This Concert features four incredibly talented artists, Current and alumni Music Tech Students, and their groups. 

Tauri: If you ever feel like listening to pop music, then on the drop of a dime jumping into a mosh pit, Tauri is the artist for you. Tauri's refined sound and fantastic lyrical writing point to an artist whose limit is the sky. 

Chordus: An innovative one-of-a-kind vocal group. Their unbashed attitude torwards exploring what sound is and where music can go will leave the audience with feelings of awe and wonder. Led by Nathan Turczan, this 100% CalArts group is a must see whenever they perform. 

SkullMatter: The quintessential bass music artist. His dark, slow, winding, songs that explode into chaos will make you rethink what it means to drop the bass. His penchant for performing and willingness to do whatever it takes to get into your own skull matter makes him riveting to hear. 

Bludwork: A recently graduated alum who has defined himself with his unique use of autotune line and his incredibly smooth and relaxed music. He recently started a label Chainsaw-Corp.

Techstravaganza! is an open Wild Beast Concert you won't want to miss.